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"Venusian / Divergence" Sound Kit

"Venusian / Divergence" Sound Kit

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When I first started producing, I was discouraged and frustrated. Not only did I not know how to produce, but I also didn’t have the means to purchase VST (virtual instruments) or Drumkits.

I'd like to be a little different, so I made this one shot kit for all of my Beginner & Intermediate Producers. It’s comprised of sounds I’ve been using for about two years now (so you know it’s solid). Think of it as a starting point, I’m certain that you’ll make some great music with it.

What’s Included? Sounds Used from Songs Like:

Divine Alignment, Venusian, No Complaints & Be My Valentine, FEEL IT GURL


  • 6 Bass (curated for disco R&B)
  • 6 Flute
  • 6 Guitar
  • 7 Keys & Rhodes
  • 7 Bells
  • 7 Leads

That’s a total of 39 Sounds.

You’re also more than welcome to download my previous drum kits; most sounds are still used today.

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